Welcome to aio-kraken-ws

❓ A module to collect ohlc candles from Kraken using WebSockets that is asyncio friendly!

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Key features

  • Subscribe to kraken data using a single WebSocket.

  • Trigger a callback that is coroutine on each new closed candles from kraken.

  • Easy subscription/unsubscription to datasets, i.e. [(PAIR, Unit Time)].

  • Callback is regulary triggered at each end of the UT intervals, whatever is the number of data received by kraken.

Getting started


pip install aio-kraken-ws


from aio_kraken_ws import KrakenWs

# check tests/learning/log_to_file.py for a complete example
async def callback(pair, interval, timestamp, o, h, l, c, v):
    """ A coroutine handling new candles.

    :param str pair:
    :param int interval: time in minutes
    :param int timestamp: candle open timestamp.
    :param float o: open price
    :param float h: high price
    :param float l: low price
    :param float c: close price
    :param float v: volume
    with open("candles.txt", "a+") as file:

kraken_ws = await KrakenWs.create(callback)
# subscribe to some datasets
kraken_ws.subscribe([("XBT/EUR", 1), ("ETH/EUR", 5)])
# get datasets streamed

The callback function is called for each dataset at the end of each dataset’s unit time interval.

E.g. if subscription start at 4h42.05 to the dataset (“XBT/EUR”, 1), then callback is triggered at 4h43.00, at 4h44.00, at 4h45.00, etc… For (“XBT/EUR”, 60), it would be at 5h00.00, at 6h00.00, etc… It’s possible to get at most 10ms delay between the exact UT interval ending and the actual datetime of the call.

If no new data were received from Kraken during an interval, the callback is triggered with the latest known close price and v=0, as it’s described in the following example.

kraken_ws.subscribe([("XBT/EUR", 1)])
# time.time() = 120
await callback("XBT/EUR", 1, 60, 42.0, 57.0, 19.0, 24.0, 150.0)
# time.time() = 180
await callback("XBT/EUR", 1, 120, 19.0, 24.0, 8.0, 10.0, 13.0)
# time.time() = 240 : no data received in 60s, i.e. no activity
await callback("XBT/EUR", 1, 180, 10.0, 10.0, 10.0, 10.0, 0.0)

An exception raised by the callback will be logged and it wont stop the streams.


  • Python 3.6+

  • websockets==8.0.2


🙏 Please feel free to file an issue on the bug tracker if you have found a bug or have some suggestion in order to improve the library.

🙏 Please feel free to fork the project from GitLab and make a Pull Request.

Authors and License

The aio-kraken-ws package is written mostly by Constantin De La Roche.

It’s MIT licensed and freely available.

Feel free to improve this package and send a pull request to GitLab.

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